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Almond Milk vs. Raw Milk (video censored by Facebook!)

Transcript from Paul Saladino's video, "Almond Milk vs. Raw Milk" Link below!

"What's healthier, almond milk or raw milk? Hands down, raw milk from cows, or goats, wherever you want to get it, way healthier than almond milk.

Why don't I like almond milk? For starters, many almond milks contain seed oils. This one contains sunflower oil. Many almond milks, many oat milks contain thickeners like carrageenan or gellan gum which we know will damage your gut.

Even if an almond milk were made from nothing but almonds, I would not be a fan of it because almonds are seeds -they're very high in oxalates. Oxalates are well known to contribute to kidney stones and create all sorts of problems for humans.

If you want to drink milk, I'm much more a fan of raw goat's or cow's milk. They're much more nutrient rich, containing nutrients that are not found in these [alternative milks].

Raw milk contains:


-Vitamin K2


-Bioavailable Calcium

Raw cow's milk has been consistently associated with lower rates of asthma, eczema, and allergies in kids. Almond milk and almond milk products have consistently been associated with kidney issues and genital urinary tract issues in kids.

Which one would you rather drink?"

Watch Paul Saladino's video on YouTube:

Check out our list of whole, raw milk delivery locations across southwest Missouri:

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