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Let us know what you think of our raw dairy products, our customer service, or share a story reminiscing about how you enjoyed some raw milk in the good 'ole days!

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Raw Milk Testimonials: Testimonials


submitted from our wonderful customers

I live out of state and was looking for a place to purchase some raw milk. I heard about Granny's Creamery, and placed a bulk order with Robin who ensured my milk was ready in time for pick up that weekend!

Sue K.

I made the switch to Granny's Creamery raw milk last year, and haven't looked back! It makes literally everything more delicious (I use it in my coffee every morning), and I love knowing it contains all the nutrients commercial milk just doesn't have. David and Robin are the most hardworking folks I know, and I'm so happy to support them.

Lindsey R.

When I was a child in the 60's, I remember pouring raw milk from a glass milk bottle over my breakfast corn flakes. I always made sure to wake up before my siblings so I could take all the separated cream off the top!


I have been wanting to get fresh milk ever since we stopped milking our Jersey cow. We would make fresh cheese and kefir, and were without until we heard that you were selling your fresh milk at Wright County Livestock. Your milk is every bit as good as the milk we had when we were milking. The last cheese we made from 1 gallon, we got over 24 oz. Thanks again for having a great, fresh product!

George S.

I’m so glad there is a way to get raw milk in my area! Raw milk has a variety of essential nutrients, fats, proteins, anti-inflammatory and digestive enzymes, bioavailable vitamins, and minerals.


We just moved to the area and found Granny’s Creamery. We had always bought raw milk and needed a new supplier here. I have been super impressed! The milk tastes amazing and my whole family loved it. The customer service has also been great. Robin was very welcoming and helpful, and called me directly when my milk was ready. It has been a great experience so far and I can’t wait to get more milk next week!

Jessica S.

Raw Milk Testimonials: Testimonials
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